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Being a Catalyst – Making Choices, Leaving a Mark & Generating Fulfillment

By January 29, 2018June 1st, 2020No Comments

Hitting publish on the show is a culmination of a lot of thinking and reflection as I look to continue the evolution of Art of Procurement.

I reflect on where we have come from, but more importantly look to the future and the building blocks of what my team and I have termed Art of Procurement 3.0.

In today’s episode, I start by sharing the importance of finding your Why, and the process that I went through to articulate my own.

I then explore why I believe Art of Procurement must continue to evolve to be in service of my Why.

And then I deep dive into that evolution, and how my thinking has evolved over the course of 175 interviews, and putting those learnings into practice for my clients.

Finally, I share the six content pillars for Art of Procurement in 2018, and how they connect with our core philosophies of Making Choices, Leaving a Mark and Generating Fulfillment.

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