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Procurement Change Must Come from Within w/ Pierre Lapree

By September 29, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

Today is the last day that content will be published in support of The Procurement Revolution event. We have had 40 revolutionaries share their perspective on such as wide variety of topics – tactical, strategic and a little bit of crystal ball gazing too!

There was a particular submission from the event that I think embodies my thoughts on what the role of procurement really is – and why change must come from within.

It was recorded by Pierre Lapree, the Founder of a procurement performance management SaaS business called Per Angusta. When I received Pierre’s submission I could not help but be inspired. Listen in, and I hope you are inspired too!

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“Stop acting in isolation. You cannot find the best solutions if you remain in your office. Get out of the building, talk to people. Those who actually use what you buy, those who’ve done it before and learn from them. Procurement is not an ivory tower or some sort of sacred idol. If Procurement is an interface between the inside of the company and the outside world, act as such…” 

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