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The Education Imperative: How to Develop Your Team Through Next Generation Learning, w/ Mark Pollack

By July 19, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

With procurement talent at a premium, and the skills required to be successful rapidly evolving, professional development has arguably never been so important within our field.  But, are old world methods of learning such as classroom training dead?

Mark Pollack is an expert in adult education. In today’s episode, Mark shares why ongoing development is so important, along with the keys to delivering training programs that inspire and motivate professionals to engage in the developmental opportunities provided to them.

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 “People have to be inspired by a vision of their future. I believe companies should help employees answer a few questions. Why is this training available to me? Why is the company investing in me? Where is the company headed, and where do I play a role in its future? Inspiration and motivation come from educating employees on the whys and what’s in it for me, right?  That helps employees rally themselves around ideas.” 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Mark’s personal experiences shaped his passion for adult education.
  • The 7 reasons why supporting continuous education and professional development is an imperative for employers.
  • Why today’s training budgets are spent on targeted learning.
  • What are some of the challenges that organizations face when they being to consider investing in training and development?
  • Is classroom based training dead?
  • How are training delivery methods changing?
  • How can you build accountability into training, and inspire participants to invest the time needed to learn rather than treat training as a check the box exercise?
  • How do employers and employees look differently at skills gaps and development opportunities?
  • The 5 ways a professional can invest in self development if they do not have access to formal learning programs.

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