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How to Start Building a Procurement Data Analytics Program, with Eliot Knudsen of Tamr

By March 1, 2016April 10th, 2024No Comments
Eliot Knudsen Tamr Procurement Spend Analytics

On this weeks episode of The Art Of Procurement, my guest is Eliot Knudsen.

Eliot’s background is in Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics and Machine Learning. As you will hear in the show, Eliot is currently a Field Engineer for Tamr, a leader in procurement data analytics.

I invited Eliot on the show to talk in more detail about data, and how procurement organizations can access and consolidate primary sources of data to allow strategies and decisions to be made with data, rather than a hunch.

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“It’s much easier to make decisions with confidence when you have data.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why procurement organisations would want to invest in better data.
  • The sources and types of data that companies who embark on a procurement analytics program get access to.
  • Are analytics dashboards just better organized data sets or rather automated actionable intelligence.
  • Do companies need a subject matter expert to convert the data into actionable intelligence.
  • The kind of companies that a coordinated data management program make sense for.
  • Challenges faced when companies start compiling better data.
  • Optimal process for going from disjointed and often unidentified data sets to a coordinated dashboard.
  • How a company get a better handle on data quality.
  • Advice for listeners that want to get started in getting better data.

Episode Transcript (PDF):

  • Click here to download a copy of today’s episode transcript (PDF).

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