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Is Procurement Becoming a Profession of Have’s and Have Not’s? with Kelly Barner and Jon Hansen

By March 15, 2016April 9th, 2024No Comments
Kelly Barner Buyers Meeting Point Jon Hansen Insights Procurement at a Crossroads

In this episode of the Art of Procurement, I am joined by Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner, authors of a new book called Procurement At A Crossroads – and we discuss (debate?) what is in the tea leaves for procurement’s future, and what is likely to happen to the winners – and losers.

Listen in to three people deeply passionate about our profession consider the question: what’s next?

“We talked about getting a seat at the executive table. It seems to be an ongoing thing.  It never stops. The reality is that you don’t ask for permission.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jon and Kelly came to work together to write Procurement at a Crossroads
  • The three tensions that have brought procurement to a critical juncture in terms of our future direction
  • How procurement is perceived by outsiders
  • Why 47% of procurement will become redundant – and what are the implications
  • Why change must come from within, and why we cannot and should not wait for permission
  • Jon and Kelly’s perspective on whether or not procurement is truly strategic
  • Why an artisan skill set is necessary to forge a successful procurement career going forward
  • Why procurement pro’s need to start acting like our colleagues in Sales or Business Development

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