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Pitfalls & Innovations in Writing Effective Contracts w/ Nick Seiersen

By August 14, 2017June 1st, 2020No Comments

My guest today is Nick Seiersen, a Director with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, or IACCM for short.

Nick is an contracting expert, and it is a topic that I haven’t covered on the show in as much detail as I think it deserves!

In our conversation, I wanted to explore a couple of topics – firstly, what are some of the contracting pitfalls that Nick sees Buyer’s make time and time again that we should be aware of, and then secondly is there such a thing as innovation in contracting.

Nick shares innovations taking place both in terms of commercial models, but also contract design and shares one particular example in which a fully illustrated contract was used in lieu of a standard employment contract.

I’m not sure that lawyers will soon be replaced by artists, but it was really interesting to hear what is possible if we think outside of our traditional assumptions of how a contract must be written.

“The biggest pitfall in contracting is a failure to agree on scope and objectives, for example by not fully engaging stakeholders.” – Nick Seiersen, IACCM

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