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How The World Bank is Delivering Procurement Transformation Across 173 Countries, with Chris Browne

By April 13, 2016June 21st, 2023No Comments
Procurement Transformation Reform

This week is Big Idea Week on the Art of Procurement – a mini series of shorter interviews with procurement thought leaders ahead of their participation in the Procurious Big Idea Summit.

Today’s guest is Chris Browne, Chief Procurement Officer of The World Bank.  The World Bank has arguably one of the most complex procurement scope’s in the world, covering $44B in project spend across 173 countries.  Chris and his team embarked on a three year journey to reform procurement at The World Bank, and he shares his learnings covering topics such as the impact of culture on procurement practices, where to start when planning a complex procurement transformation, and The World Bank’s approach to leading procurement projects in conflict states around the world.

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“Some of the things you take for granted when working in the UK or US you cannot take for granted when working in other parts of the world.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The increasing role of sustainability as a key procurement objective
  • How culture impacts procurement priorities and the way that you engage with businesses
  • The mandate of The World Bank and how their procurement organization is structured
  • The priorities of The World Bank procurement team
  • An insight into the complex procurement reform program at The World Bank
  • Common critical success factors for procurement transformation programs to both private and public sector organizations
  • How The World Bank approaches the management of procurement projects in Conflict States such as Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The number one thing that Chris suggests procurement professionals do today to increase the value they deliver for their stakeholders.

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