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NEWS: Buyers Meeting Point (BMP) Radio Joins the Art of Procurement Network

By November 1, 2017No Comments

I am delighted to share the news today that Buyers Meeting Point (BMP) Radio is joining the Art of Procurement Network.

As regular listeners will know, I have been working very closely with Kelly Barner – the host of BMP Radio – over the past couple of years.  We co-created The Procurement Revolution, co-founded Palambridge, and Kelly helps me behind the scenes to keep the wheels on here at Art of Procurement. Kelly has been hosting a procurement and supply chain podcast for over six years, and was one of my inspirations for starting Art of Procurement.

I will hand it over to Kelly to explain a little more about BMP Radio, and why we believe this is a great fit for both Art of Procurement and BMP Radio.  Check out the audio below, or the written transcript.

“This is a great crossover opportunity: I’ll have a chance to share my content with the existing AOP network and Phil’s listeners will get to meet my guests, most of which are authors, academics, and thought leaders.” – Kelly Barner

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