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BMP Radio: A View of Fintech from the Non-financial Sector

By December 14, 2017No Comments

Most discussions about the financial sector are focused on how it has been (or will be) affected by fintech. While this is interesting, how fintech will affect the non-financial sector promises to make things even more interesting.

The decentralized world of the Internet is a marvel, enabling us to engage directly one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many without the interference of a central power or institution. It has changed everything. Take the example of the hashtag #metoo, the social media movement that exposed harassers to the verdict of the whole world. This hashtag solved a problem that the centralized world, run by government institutions, police, the legal system, etc., continuously failed to address with the same impact.

The power of a viral hashtag can be bigger than all governments combined. This means that ‘we the people’ can solve problems together without interference from a central institution. Governance and power are becoming decentralized and democratized in a way we’ve only experienced in very small communities or families. The shift is mind-boggling.

In the podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How the increased decentralization of the worlds allows people to take novel approaches to solving long-lasting problems
  • If it is possible to take inspiration from the Internet, social media, and blockchain and build a decentralized financial system
  • The difference between an ‘ecosystem fight’ and an ‘ecosystem play’

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