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Can’t See the Wood for the Trees w/ Alison Smith

By November 5, 2018June 24th, 2023No Comments

Normal service is resumed on the podcast today, as we return to our weekly interview format!

Today, I’m joined by one of my good friends, Alison Smith.

Alison has a broad range of procurement experience – as a practitioner, service provider, trainer, facilitator, and coach!

I was first introduced to Alison’s work via her moniker of The Purchasing Coach. I really enjoyed reading her blog, and her perspectives on how we can all unlock our own potential, within the context of procurement. Her thoughts and approaches challenge the status quo, which is something that really calls to me!

As I got to know Alison, I began to count on her for some of my own coaching needs, and I’ve been excited to follow her progress as she began to write her first book, Can’t See the Wood for the Trees.

Recently published, it helps readers unlock their potential, and turn challenges into opportunities by helping us to think differently. In today’s conversation, we take a deep dive into the book and contextualize it for procurement professionals.

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