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Increasing Procurement’s Strength through Diverse Perspectives w/ Antonio Humphreys

By October 23, 2017April 10th, 2024No Comments

I am joined today by Antonio Humphreys, the Senior Manager of Global Procurement at Adobe Systems based in California.

I’ve actually seen Antonio speak before, and he has always been high on my list of practitioners that I wanted to interview and so I’m delighted we were able to make it happen.  We were connected by the team at ProcureCon, as Antonio will be speaking at the upcoming ProcureCon Marketing conference in New Orleans at the end of November.

Antonio has enjoyed a career that, after an internship with NASA, actually started in sales before he jumped over to the other side of the table and joined procurement.  He worked for organizations such as Shell, Hewlett-Packard, and Gap before joining Adobe.

He has a deep background in procurement organizational development and marketing, and those two topics were the focus of our conversation.

“We’ve talked about not really focusing as much on some of the lower complexity, lower dollar type deals, and really going in for the much bigger strategic overarching deals that are driving the biggest impact. To me, nirvana is when you have earned a seat at the table on those big big deals. That’s where you’re basically part of the larger collective team. You’re not just the procurement person. You are part of a core team that’s really driving that critical business decision to take it to the next level.” – Antonio Humphreys

Highlights from the Show Include:

  • Antonio talks about how his own diverse professional background makes him prize the same thing in others on his procurement team.
  • Antonio describes how to build relationships with functions that have primarily value-driven spend and contracts.
  • Antonio considers the ways hiring and recruiting will have to change in response to the evolving talent needs of procurement.
  • Antonio offers his thoughts on how procurement’s rise in focus on risk, compliance, and due diligence will affect our performance metrics.
  • Antonio shares his approach to accurately capturing ROI in complex spend categories.

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