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8 Best Practices for Mid-Market IT Spend Management Success

By July 1, 2023April 15th, 2024No Comments

Procurement teams in the mid-market IT companies work in a unique landscape that requires agility and resource optimization. With an emphasis on building scalable programs while remaining cost-effective and a need to swiftly adapt to technology trends, mid-market IT procurement demands strategic flexibility, close alignment with business goals, and an acute focus on maximizing value in often rapidly changing environments.

In this AOP webinar, Serge Treefone, Director of Procurement Solutions at Precoro, joined us to discuss 8 proven best practices that procurement teams in these companies can implement to establish themselves as a strong strategic partner capable of driving value, efficiency, and scalability for the business.

Join us live to learn more about:

  • The best methods for securing stakeholder alignment, from expectation and goal-setting to understanding current and future needs
  • Approaches for defining and measuring procurement success 
  • Analyzing total cost of ownership, including mitigating the risks associated with hidden costs or potential disruptions

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