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5 from 50 – 5 Lessons from the First 50 Episodes of the Art of Procurement

By May 6, 2016June 21st, 2023No Comments
Procurement Learning

Time has flown by – we have now passed a half century of shows!  I have learned a TON from the thought leaders who have graciously shared their time with us to help us all collectively elevate the role of procurement.

In today’s show, I take a look back at five key themes that I have taken away from the first fifty episodes.  Listen to the show and you will also hear how to get my 20 page report where I share a key lesson that I learned from each episode!

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“What I have learned is that change must come from within.  We don’t – and in fact we shouldn’t – ask for permission to do things differently.” 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The details behind why I selected the following themes as my key learnings from the first 50 episodes of the Art of Procurement:
    • Change must come from within
    • That a two-tier procurement model will present great opportunities, but there will be professionals that fall by the wayside
    • The importance of alignment in making procurement relevant
    • That the skills needed to be successful are changing, and if leaders cannot find the skills they need from inside our function they will look outside
    • Collaboration is key to competitive advantage, and to elevating the role of procurement.

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