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Welcome to 2016 and the Art of Procurement Friday Show, with Philip Ideson

By January 1, 2016June 26th, 2023No Comments
Art of Procurement Friday Show

Welcome to 2016!  And, welcome to the Art of Procurement Friday Show.

I am excited to take the Art of Procurement to another level in 2016, and that starts today with the addition of a Friday show.  The Friday show is intended to be an supplemental to the main Tuesday interview.  It will be a bite-sized episode providing industry news, answering listener questions, or providing additional insight or perspectives into the interview show from earlier in the week.  The intent of the Friday show is to get a little more personal – I want us to get to know each other!

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • My 2015 resolutions; how I set out the year to start my own procurement related business, and with a big health mission.
  • Insight into the Art of Procurement Friday Show.  Why, and what do I hope to cover?
  • Where do I hope to take the Art of Procurement in 2016.
  • A little bit about my procurement journey – get to know me a little more!

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Thanks for Listening!


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