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The Strategies & Tactics You Need to Secure Your Dream Procurement

By December 14, 2015January 28th, 2024No Comments
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Today’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Andrew Daley.  Andrew is a leader in the procurement recruitment industry, placing both professionals and leaders into high profile roles across our profession.  Andrew is also the co-founder of the procurement recruitment consultancy firm, Edbury Daley.

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This episode has two distinct parts.  The first part is a wide ranging discussion on the strategies and tactics that both procurement leaders and professionals can use to best position themselves for a job change in 2016.

In the process of recording and editing this show, I have listened to the interview with Andrew three times.  The discussion is packed full of valuable content and action items, with tips and insights that are relevant even if you do not intend to job seek next year (such as the skills that you should be focusing on to make yourself more relevant to your organization).  While Andrew is UK based, the strategies and tactics are relevant wherever in the world you are based.  I say that having been active personally in the job market – either hiring or seeking job changes – across North America, Europe and Asia.

The second part of the discussion is focused on the UK job market.  Anyone that will be in the UK procurement job market in 2016 – either hiring or seeking – needs to listen to this part of the show.  Andrew discusses the state of the market, the skills that the market is currently rewarding with premiums, and insight into which areas of the market are hot – and which are not.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The origins of Edbury Daley, the procurement recruitment consultancy co-founded by Andrew.
  • The key skills that organizations are seeking from procurement leaders and professionals – and those that command a premium – in 2016.
  • What first impressions do recruiters look for when assessing a candidate or potential candidate?
  • The 6 key areas that procurement professionals should focus on in 2016 to secure the career move that they aspire.
  • How do you ensure that the job you seek does not have the same frustrations as the job you are leaving (the danger of thinking that the “grass is always greener on the other side”).
  • How do you spot the difference between a recruitment agent and a recruitment consultant?
  • What is the right balance for how much information is included on your LinkedIn profile?
  • How much of your resume/CV really gets read, and how do you maximize the first impression and encourage the recruiter to learn more about you?
  • How many recruiters should you register with when you are starting your job search?  And how many is too many?
  • What is the most powerful thing that you can do in a job interview?
  • How do you ensure that the salary offer meets your expectations, and that you do not get to the end of the process with an offer that falls well short of what is acceptable?

In the second part of the interview, we moved on to the state of the UK procurement job market:

  • What is the state of the UK procurement job market across multiple job categories: leadership, direct, indirect, consulting / service providers, non-category specific and interim?
  • What skills are companies placing a premium on?
  • Andrew’s concerns about the Interim / temporary market.
  • Why the consulting / procurement service provider market is particularly strong.
  • What skills you need if you want to make the leap from industry to a career with a procurement consultancy or service provider.

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