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How Do Sales Representatives Really View Procurement?

By November 17, 2015January 28th, 2024No Comments
Tibor Shanto Renbor Sales Procurement Partner

The guest on today’s show, Tibor Shanto, comes from outside the world of procurement.  Tibor is a highly acclaimed Sales and Prospecting Execution Specialist, and principal of Renbor Sales Solutions. I invited Tibor on the show to get both an outsiders view on the role of procurement, and an insight into how procurement can use sales techniques to better demonstrate our value proposition to our internal stakeholders.

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It is no secret that procurement and sales representatives are often adversaries rather than partners.  I would argue that this is often necessary, particularly in cases where the item being purchased is highly commoditized and the only variable between providers is price. However, those types of purchases make up a small portion of what we buy, and the perception of our function internally is defined by how we facilitate the sourcing of big ticket, and complex products or services.  Yet, the sales and procurement relationship often remains adversarial for these strategic purchases where collaboration would drive a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.  I was delighted to welcome Tibor to the show to share how he feels Sales and Procurement can better work together.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • An understanding of why people buy.
  • Advice for procurement professionals on how to build relationships with their internal stakeholders and sell the procurement value proposition.
  • The key value that procurement brings to the buying process, from a sales perspective.
  • The signals that Sales professionals pick up on that determine if procurement has a strategic or administrative role in the buying process.
  • A perspective on what procurement professionals do that hinders their ability to get the best deal.
  • How procurement can help their companies become a customer of choice with their most strategic supplier partners.

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