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AOP Special Startup Series – TraDove w/ Rowena Bonnette

By January 31, 2020April 8th, 2024No Comments

“We’re pretty much replacing the letters of credit via smart contracts through blockchain. It’ll save users time, energy. It’s easy to use because everything is through the app and we authenticate all users because we embrace security and privacy.”

Procurement has always been fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs. We have pulled together some of the most compelling – and potentially disruptive – procurement solutions for a Special Startup Series. We will ask each entrepreneur questions about what gap in the market their solution addresses, how they differentiate their technology and what their tools look like in action.

In this podcast, we interview Rowena Bonnette, Chief Marketing Officer of TraDove, a social networking platform built to match and connect business buyers and sellers and blockchain payment solution provider.

Discussion highlights include:

  • How blockchain tokens can be used to facilitate B2B payment transactions.
  • The security and information storage implications of a B2B blockchain v. a traditional one.
  • Why social network-based technology is the most efficient way for global buyers and sellers to connect.

*Please note: all participants in this series contributed towards the production costs of the podcast, but had no influence over the podcast content

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