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AOP Special Startup Series – ProcurementFlow w/ Tarmo Saidla

By January 29, 2020April 8th, 2024No Comments

“The procurement person, they shouldn’t really work in an office like a sales guy. Actually, the best procurement guys spend time meeting suppliers and building relationships, not fulfilling some administrative need.”

Procurement has always been fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs. We have pulled together some of the most compelling – and potentially disruptive – procurement solutions for a Special Startup Series. We will ask each entrepreneur questions about what gap in the market their solution addresses, how they differentiate their technology and what their tools look like in action.

In this podcast, we interview Tarmo Saidla, Co-Founder and CEO of ProcurementFlow, a collaboration and work management platform founded in 2019.

Discussion highlights include:

  • The challenge of combining consistent purchase approvals and oversight with buyer convenience and speed
  • While a lot has changed in procurement, the need for a centralized team and streamlined processes has not abated
  • How, much like with Excel, companies are unlikely to ever get distributed buyers to stop relying on email for requests and approvals

*Please note: all participants in this series contributed towards the production costs of the podcast, but had no influence over the podcast content

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