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AOP Special Startup Series – Per Angusta w/ Pierre Lapree

By January 30, 2020April 8th, 2024No Comments

“We’re giving procurement teams an easy and reliable tool to track their activities, to measure their performance and to share it in an efficient and compelling manner with the rest of the organization. That might sound silly, but 99% of our clients come from Excel or SharePoint before they’re using Per Angusta.”

Procurement has always been fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs. We have pulled together some of the most compelling – and potentially disruptive – procurement solutions for a Special Startup Series. We will ask each entrepreneur questions about what gap in the market their solution addresses, how they differentiate their technology and what their tools look like in action.

In this podcast, we interview Pierre Laprée, Founder of Per Angusta, a procurement project pipeline and performance tracking tool founded in 2012.

Discussion highlights include:

  • The importance of investing in – and building up – procurement’s internal credibility through detailed performance management tracking.
  • An acknowledgment that procurement teams carry a heavy workload, often multiple projects at one time, including a wide range of task types and activities.
  • Why the challenge of ‘savings’ needs to be addressed as a process by both procurement and finance, not as an issue with procurement’s value proposition.

*Please note: all participants in this series contributed towards the production costs of the podcast, but had no influence over the podcast content

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