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AOP Special Startup Series – Keelvar w/ Alan Holland

By January 22, 2020April 8th, 2024No Comments

“Our feedback from CPOs has been that automation is their number one priority for 2020. The instructions they’re receiving from board level are that there’s no more recruitment or they need to do more with fewer numbers of persons. They’re being asked to increase the coverage of spend management. So they’re effectively trying to do more with less, and for those companies, automation is the key to unlocking that capability.”

Procurement has always been fertile ground for tech entrepreneurs. We have pulled together some of the most compelling – and potentially disruptive – procurement solutions for a Special Startup Series. We will ask each entrepreneur questions about what gap in the market their solution addresses, how they differentiate their technology and what their tools look like in action.

In this podcast, we interview Alan Holland, the Founder and CEO of Keelvar. Founded in 2012, Keelvar provides the automation procurement needs to achieve speed, while also increasing adherence to best practices.

Discussion highlights include:

  • The power and resource efficiency of combining optimization and automation
  • The critical differences between intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • The business case for applying optimization technology to large or analytically complex spend categories

*Please note: all participants in this series contributed towards the production costs of the podcast, but had no influence over the podcast content

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