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How to Drive Sustainable Savings from your Direct and Factory Indirect Spend

By July 29, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

Last week, I had the opportunity to facilitate a webinar last week with procurement consulting firm Efficio, titled Driving Greater Procurement Performance from Complex Direct Spend and Factory Indirects.  In the webinar, I was joined by two of their US-based principal consultants, Arthur Mattouch and Waldo Saville. 

During the webinar, Arthur and Waldo shared three case studies demonstrating the strategies and tactics that can be used to deliver sustainable savings in a mid-cap manufacturing environment.  In today’s podcast, I am sharing this case study, along with a couple of questions that I asked during the webinar. 

This is a company looking to quickly reduce costs through a coordinated cost reduction program, while minimizing disruption on the business.  As you will hear, they ended up switching suppliers for only 12% of the total number of parts.

To watch the entire webinar on-demand, including the supporting presentation, you can register here.

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