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Running Successful Pilots with Procurement Tech Startups

By February 16, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

There has been an explosion of startups in the procurement space, a dynamic that creates opportunities as well as challenges. Although much of procurement’s work has been digital for years, knowing where to begin and how to run a successful pilot are unique capabilities that the team may not have in house.

As the Founder of Digital Procurement World (DPW), Matthias Gutzmann specializes in the startup landscape, and he has experience helping procurement teams determine which startups might make good digital partners and running pilots to successfully introduce new platforms into the company.

In this session at AOP Digital Outcomes 2023, Matthias, Herman Kneval (Co-founder, DPW Labs), and Nuphride Pierre-Louis (Johnson & Johnson) talk about the DPW 100 day pilot methodology, which takes startups from shortlist to pilot to (hopefully) a successful outcome that procurement can roll out at scale.

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