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Reframing Failure: There’s Always a Way

By February 16, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

Digital transformation is hard – really hard. According to a 2020 study by BCG, 70 percent of transformation projects fall short of expectations. This means that transformations are more likely to fail than to succeed – and yet, digital is not an option.

If failure is not avoidable then procurement needs to rethink – or reframe – how they perceive success.

Gavin Mlinar is the Founder and CEO of Blacklisted Consulting and an experienced procurement executive. He is always up for a challenge – including climbing the equivalent vertical feet of Mount Everest – and knows all too well that you may have to fail 99 times before finding success or reaching your goals. In this session at AOP Digital Outcomes 2023, he shared ways to reframe your thinking so that no matter what happens, you will never ‘fail’ again.

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