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Learning to Practice Resilient Thinking In the Real World

By March 21, 2023May 1st, 2023No Comments

Procurement and supply chain professionals talk about agility and resilience so often, that I suspect both words have lost most of their meaning.

What do agility and resilience look like? What does it feel like to be in a situation where your abilities in those areas determine your success?

In my opinion, resilience is about our ability to face complexity with creativity and determination. It requires us to color outside the lines and invent new approaches.

Resilience is when we get back up after we’ve been knocked down, and if that sounds painful, you’re thinking right. Being resilient may be celebrated after the fact, but it likely hurts in some form while it is happening.

Fortune may favor the bold, but resilience rewards the prepared. Resilience assumes that things will be complex, and it maneuvers accordingly. 

I was recently invited to speak on a webinar hosted by Supply Chain Brief about what resilient thinking looks like in the real world. I used well-known new stories to illustrate my points about what resilient thinking looks like, and what non-resilient thinking looks like as well.

You can watch the whole webinar video here:

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