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From Overwhelm to Orchestration: Empowering Your Digital Procurement Stack

By February 1, 2024May 29th, 2024No Comments

The ongoing debate over the ‘right’ procurement tech stack has persisted for years, seemingly without resolution. Traditional end-to-end platforms, once hailed as the answer to procurement needs, have proven inadequate in the face of modern, decentralized procurement practices. This decentralization has exposed critical functionality gaps within these current procurement workflows.

Enter orchestration, the solution to decentralized procurement. Where procurement practices of the past failed to create seamless experiences for users and transparency for stakeholders, orchestration promises to deliver better visibility, compliance, and composability across people, processes, data and systems.

Despite recognizing the importance of orchestration, many procurement teams grapple with the challenge of identifying, implementing, and sustaining the ‘right’ orchestration layer for their unique needs – often confusing workflow automation with orchestration. 

In this webinar, hear from: 

  • Elisabeth Schlag-Lawrence, SVP, Head of Procurement Governance and Enabling, Bayer
  • Chris Vessey, Executive Director, Global Product Strategy & Transformation, Goldman Sachs
  • Lance Younger, CEO of ProcureTech
  • Shachi Rai Gupta, Global Head of Strategy, Intelligence and Digital Transformation at Bristol Myers Squibb

Our speakers engaged in a live discussion to answer:

  • Why is procurement orchestration different from process automation?
  • When should I consider orchestration for my company?
  • What part does AI play in a successful orchestration strategy? 
  • What are some best practices for implementing successful procurement orchestration?

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