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Augmenting P2P and ERP with Intake Orchestration and AI

By April 1, 2024June 24th, 2024No Comments

Most procurement organizations use P2P/ERP platforms to facilitate procurement intake, triage, and coordination. These are important and powerful tools, but even so, they’re not perfect. For example, some don’t easily integrate with other tools. Approval processes that rely on them remain complex and arduous, with long cycle times. 

For all they’re great at, big P2P and ERP platforms are typically designed for the procurement team, and not end-users. 

At the end of the day, what matters most when it comes to creating business value is the experience procurement provides. When processes require employees to use platforms that aren’t designed with them in mind, those processes may become too hard to follow, which limits value.

AI-powered intake orchestration technology offers a solution to this problem, without mandating change management or requiring you to rip out and replace other existing tools. It allows procurement to begin creating processes that both empower procurement and advance the business’s goals by putting people first. 

In this live webinar, we were joined by Jonathan Fehring, Principal in Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Advisory at The Hackett Group and Sagi Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean, to review orchestration use cases that show the potential of putting the experience FIRST when it comes to orchestrating procurement processes and workflows across teams and systems.

Sagi and Jonathan answered live questions about:

  • Why understanding stakeholder behavior is the key to successful procurement orchestration
  • What an intuitive procurement experience looks like to the business, and what it should feel like to users
  • How taking a comprehensive approach to pulling an existing tech stack together is more powerful – and realistic – than replacing it

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