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3 Perspectives on Procurement and Risk for Mid-sized Organizations

By April 1, 2024June 24th, 2024No Comments

Procurement’s ability to have the desired impact is dependent upon a combination of knowledge, skills, technology – and relationships. Misalignment, whether real or perceived, will hold procurement and the business back from achieving their goals.

The recent Economist impact study on procurement showed that while 59 percent of mid-sized companies report that procurement insights are essential for implementing the company’s strategy and vision, only 44 percent also believe procurement collaborates effectively with the rest of the organization. 

A concerning disconnect to be sure.

In this LIVE webinar, Stephanie LeRoy Senior Director, Procurement, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group and  Callum Veness Senior Director of Product Marketing, SAP Procurement and External Workforce, addressed this disconnection with real-world strategies on how procurement can better align with the needs of the organization and do this more collaboratively. Insights will be based on mid-sized organization findings from the Economist Impact study and analyzed by Art of Procurement. 

Stephanie and Callum provided these three perspectives and answered live questions about:

  • How procurement’s ability to build influence is tied to the business’s confidence in their collaborative capabilities
  • Conflicting expectations around what constitutes a good procurement customer experience and how to align everyone internally using research that identifies industry benchmarks. 
  • Real world examples of ways procurement can bolster perceptions of their ability to handle internal and external risks

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