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Single Category Expense Reduction Program

Reduce expenses in a single category, product or service with our programmatic approach to savings identification and realization. 

Our category subject matter expert will partner with your procurement team and key stakeholders to drive the following process and results:

  1. Needs review: determine and document organizational and stakeholder requirements 
  2. Opportunity analysis: capture external spend, benchmark spend against market conditions, and assess savings opportunities
  3. Sourcing/negotiation strategy: articulate a path forward for approval by key stakeholders 
  4. Execute: lead or support sourcing and/or negotiation initiatives
  5. Implement: partner with procurement and key stakeholders to implement new contracts as necessary.

All services are offered as either a fixed-fee or low-risk gainshare model to preserve your control over each engagement and ensure we remain aligned with your needs throughout.

Our Expertise Includes the Following Areas of Spend

Data & Financial Services
HR Services
IT Hardware & Software
Marketing & Print
Professional & Legal Services

We mobilize our extensive network to identify resources for industry-specific expertise where it does not currently exist within our pre-vetted ecosystem.

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