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AOP Podcast

Fostering Healthy Relationships Outside of the Sourcing Cycle

By August 1, 2023April 15th, 2024No Comments

The relationships procurement is able to build ultimately determine the amount and types of value they can create. Procurement cannot afford to take them for granted – even if they are already strong.

While internal relationships are likely based on procurement’s ability to demonstrate that the business’ objectives and priorities align with their own, supplier relationships should be reinforced by mutual benefit and collaboration. Both types of relationships require effective communication, active respect, and aligned interests. 

In this AOP Live session, we are joined by Kathleen Jordan, Senior Director, Advisory at Corcentric, and Brian Seipel, Senior Consultant, Advisory at Corcentric. 

They will share their first-hand experience and answer live questions about:

  • Strategies and tactics that procurement can execute to demonstrate value and drive true collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Best practices for proactive management of supplier relationships AND performance
  • Opportunities for procurement to bring both relationships together to drive desired outcomes

Dig Deeper:

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