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BUSTED! Demystifying Software Procurement

By August 1, 2023April 15th, 2024No Comments

Of all the spend categories where procurement is fighting an uphill battle to collaborate and deliver value, software may present the steepest climb.

Budget owners believe that involving procurement makes selection take longer. Decision makers are convinced that strategic sourcing complicates the evaluation process. 

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

In this AOP Live session, we are joined by Aubrey Zimmerman, Procurement Analyst at Lattice, and KR Barron, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Productiv, for a practical conversation about how procurement can flip the script surrounding software procurement.

Get a glimpse into research conducted by Productiv and Art of Procurement that contradicts many of the commonly held “truths” about partnering with procurement including:

  • Which function holds the record for fastest project completion time regardless of supplier selection method
  • Where procurement and IT are aligned in their priorities and success metrics and where they differ
  • How to build a single source of truth for software decisioning and utilization and why that is necessary for alignment

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