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Answering the BIG Questions About Supplier Diversity

By July 1, 2023March 20th, 2024No Comments

For the last few years, supplier diversity has been a standout, top tier initiative for executives across companies and industries. But priorities are always shifting, and this year the winds of change have started to blow. 

With economic pressure continuing to mount and ESG becoming a dominating business theme, would supplier diversity be able to hold on and continue the success seen in 2020 – 2022? 

The results are in: leading supplier diversity programs are not just standing their ground, they are actually gaining ground.

In this AOP Live session, we are joined by Daniel Dorr, VP of Marketing at Supplier.io, and Gladys Dreiling is their Vice President of Data Operations and Delivery. Supplier.io’s sixth annual State of Supplier Diversity report is now available, and the findings offer insight into the current and potential future trajectory of the supplier diversity movement.

Daniel and Gladys will help us engage in a live discussion of the biggest questions at the heart of the supplier diversity movement:

  • How much is the political and economic climate impacting procurement’s ability to increase the diversity of the supply base?
  • Which data quality improvements are allowing procurement to embed supplier diversity as a business objective alongside all other business goals? 
  • How are executives and budget owners being incentivized to focus their energy and create a broad culture of accountability?

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