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122: Beyond the Numbers: A Deep Dive into the Deloitte 2017 CPO Survey w/ Lance Younger

I have always sought out the Deloitte CPO Survey as a leading indicator on the health of the procurement function and just a couple of days ago, Deloitte published the results of their 2017 Survey.

Today on the Art of Procurement, I am joined by Lance Younger. Lance is the Head of Procurement and Sourcing Consulting in the UK, a Partner of Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations Practice, and a co-author of the report that accompanies this year’s survey findings. In today’s conversation, we go beyond the numbers to identify some of the trends, challenges and opportunities that look set to shape the procurement profession in 2017.

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“What we have seen this year, loud and clear, is that the uncertainty in the market is meaning that organizations and Purchasing are having to look at risk and cost as ever, but what has been interesting is that their seems to be an appetite for growth and Purchasing are getting more and more involved in supporting the growth agenda.” 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The headline findings of the report, such as:
    • 79% of procurement leaders continue to focus on cost savings
    • The growing importance of risk management as a procurement priority
    • 60% of procurement leaders do not believe they have the internal capabilities to deliver on their vision
  • The increasing role that procurement is playing in helping organizations deliver top line growth.
  • The juxtaposition between more and more procurement leaders wanting to increase business partnership, while the value levers being used are increasingly short term.
  • Key characteristics of high performing procurement organizations
  • How procurement outsourcing is struggling to maintain traction, and why changing workforce trends and the increase in the freelance economy are providing procurement leaders with new, innovative, delivery models.
  • Why some leading companies are moving back towards a decentralized procurement delivery model.
  • The expanding nature of procurement’s role in an organization.
  • Why the clock is ticking to transform procurement’s value proposition (and why we do have time yet to make the leap).
  • What do C-suite executives look for from their procurement teams today.

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Philip Ideson

Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating competitive advantage for their organizations in ways that go beyond the traditional value proposition.

Philip founded Art of Procurement as a way for the procurement community to learn from each other, increasing the impact they have on their organizations. In 2017, he co-founded Palambridge, a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence. Palambridge provides a broad range of flexible procurement solutions, available on-demand.

Prior to Art of Procurement and Palambridge, Philip enjoyed a career that spanned the procurement value chain, working across three continents for organizations such as Accenture, Procurian, Ally Financial, Pfizer and Ford Motor Company.