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Expert Facilitated Workshops

Develop skills, strategies, and tactics in a team setting

Bring your team together in person or via a virtual platform to develop your capabilities, strategies, and tactics collectively. You’ll come away with the knowledge and collaborative dynamic required to succeed on your change journey.

Process Driven

When the details matter as much as the big picture, the process has to be right

  • Risk management
  • Governance
  • Capturing/measuring procurement value

Relationship Based

Beyond products and services, value-based procurement is about the people

  • Departmental self-awareness
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supplier relationship health/diagnosis

Communications Oriented

Getting the word out, through the right channels and with the right tone, doesn’t happen on its own

  • Storytelling for procurement
  • Procurement brand strategy
  • Results positioning

Change Alignment

Driving change with confidence requires buy-in from your team and stakeholders

  • Vision setting
  • Change and journey mapping
  • Action prioritization
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