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Experts On-Demand

Experts to help you maximize the impact of your supply base.

The expertise provided by a traditional consulting firm is dependant upon their bench strength.

AOP Experts On-Demand offers a pre-vetted ecosystem of subject matter experts that enable you to quickly identify the opportunities that maximize the impact of procurement. They can support your team with targeted insights and coaching or manage an entire project on your behalf.

By pre-vetting our experts, we ensure they have the knowledge and experience you need. All experts are also assessed against our Procurement, Inc. approach to ensure the highest standard of quality and consistency. We partner with boutique consulting firms and independent subject matter experts and match our experts based on your specific needs. 

Our approach provides you with the benefits of a fully built and scalable team of experts without the burden of contracting and managing the performance of each individual, allowing you to focus on managing the internal stakeholder partnerships that amplify the impact of our experts.

How it Works:

Step 1: Identify Need

Capture your challenge or opportunity by discussing it with experienced guides.

Step 2: Review Options

Review qualified recommendations on how to proceed.

Step 3: Select Expert

Approve the preferred approach and we secure the expert(s).

Step 4: Expert Mobilized

We support the expert(s) and are accountable for their outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that we have not answered, please do not hesitate to ask.  We love to share details about our model and explore if it is a fit for you.

How is this different from a traditional consulting firm model?

The expertise provided by a traditional consulting firm is dependant upon their bench strength.

At AOP Experts On-Demand, we have pre-vetted a deep ecosystem of subject matter experts that range from individual consultants to boutique firms.  We work across our ecosystem to identify the most appropriate expert – or experts – to match your project needs.

This ensures that you are able to leverage the most appropriate expert from across the entire procurement community vs. from within the four walls of a traditional consulting firm.

What is the role of Art of Procurement in the delivery of projects?

First are foremost, we are your project manager.  We exist to ensure that the expert delivers the promised outcomes.  In fact, under our commercial model, we take accountability for the delivery of all work.

We also support the chosen expert in the delivery of your project, supplementing their expertise and experience with our own.

What spend categories do your experts cover?

Our experts cover the full range of Indirect products and services that all organizations buy.  We also have a number of experts with niche market expertise, and we leverage our ecosystem model and Art of Procurement community to help identify new experts should it be necessary.

Examples of categories that we support include:

  • Data & Financial Services
  • Facilities
  • HR Services
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • MRO
  • Outsourcing
  • Professional & Legal Services
  • Travel

What are your commercial models?

We have two commercial models:

Our project-based model is for when you have an occasional need for a subject matter expert, or for piloting our managed-service model.  You engage with us for a single project at a time.

Our managed-service model if for when you want to embed our on-call network of experts to strengthen the capabilities of your existing team. You engage with us for a defined period of time, and we become embedded into your team, proactively matching experts with your ongoing requirements.

We are flexible on our pricing models which are based on the exact nature of each engagement.  We contract on a retainer, fixed fee, and gainshare basis.

Doesn't this model add an additional layer of cost?

No.  We have negotiated preferential rates with all ecosystem members that ensures that investment levels are in line with traditional consulting models.  We are able to do this because our ecosystem partners do not have to amortize their typical project management and cost of sales expenses into their price.

How do you vet potential ecosystem partners?

We have worked directly with most of the experts within our ecosystem.  We know first hand their expertise, and their stakeholder management skills.

We interview and reference check all new experts, using the principles of the Art of Procurement Procurement, Inc. model. We only work with experts are proven specialists in their field, and who exhibit the soft skills necessary to amplify the impact of their technical knowledge on your behalf.

Is this a regional or global model?

We partner with experts from around the world.  Our Delivery Lead’s (your point of contact) have experience working in – and managing projects – across Europe, Asia, North America and South America.  Our head office is in the USA.

Who do I contract with?

You contract with Art of Procurement.

All commercial arrangements with subject matter experts are managed by Art of Procurement.

This allows you to mobilize the procurement community through only a single supplier partner.

Who is accountable for results?

Art of Procurement is accountable for the successful completion of all projects provided by our expert ecosystem.

What if you do not have an appropriate expert?

We’ll tell you.

Where we do not have the specific expertise you need we will either search for an expert (the networks of our experts run deep) or advise you on possible alternative sources.

Have a project in mind, or are you interested in accessing our on-demand team of experts? Let’s talk:
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