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Thanks for your interest in appearing in an upcoming Art of Procurement podcast.  With over 500,000 listeners from 132 countries, Art of Procurement is the #1 weekly podcast for the procurement community.

For each episode, we follow a four-step process:

Step 1: Topic/Guest Identification

Guests may be invited by the AOP production team, be introduced by a partner, or may reach out directly to express an interest in being interviewed.

Step 2: Pre-Interview

We get to know you and discuss possible focus areas for the podcast. If we both decide to proceed with a recording, this becomes the basis of the show narrative.

Step 3: Interview

The big day! We record the interview that will form the basis of the final show.

Step 4: Post-Production & Publication

Our team edits and produces the final show and schedules it for publication.

Book your pre-interview or interview time by selecting the meeting type, below:

Step 1: Pre-Interview

We spend 15-30 minutes discussing potential interview topics and sample questions.  We then create an overarching narrative for the final podcast.

Step 2: Interview

This is the time for our final interview.  We schedule 1 hour for each interview to allow for the recording of our discussion.

Preparing for Your Interview:

  • We will provide a general overview of the question areas in advance; however, the best interviews are those that flow like a conversation rather than a Q&A.
  • All of our interviews are editable.
  • The focus of the interview will be your experiences, lessons learned and thought leadership. It isn’t to trip you up!
  • We work with you to secure approval from your internal corporate communications team, where that is necessary, before publication.
  • If you are a service provider, we will edit if we feel that it is becoming overly commercial (sorry!).  Please know that listeners will connect with you after the show if your point of view resonates with them.
  • Here are a few tips on how to get the most of your experience as a podcast guest.
  • More than anything, we want you to enjoy the experience, and give back to the procurement community!
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