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Outcome Based Employees

AOP Linkfest: We Are All Outcome-Based Employees Now

Happy Saturday! Are you in need of a distraction from the 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump and Pokemon Go?  Then this weeks Art of Procurement Saturday Linkfest is for you! This week, I have five articles to share: Break Free from the 9-5 Digital Grind: We're All Outcome-Based...

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Procurement Career Crossroads

073: Lessons I Learned from Navigating Three Career Crossroads

At some point in time, we all come to a crossroads. A decision has to be made between two paths that has long term implications on the direction of our careers.

I have encountered a number of these crossroads throughout my career to date.  In today’s show, I share three such examples, the decisions I took (and why), and then I reflect on the lessons that I learned so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did!

Mark Pollack SIG

072: The Education Imperative: How to Develop Your Team Through Next Generation Learning, w/ Mark Pollack

With procurement talent at a premium, and the skills required to be successful rapidly evolving, professional development has arguably never been so important within our field.  But, are old world methods of learning such as classroom training dead?

Mark Pollack, Vice President of SIG University is an expert in adult education. In today’s episode, Mark shares why ongoing development is so important, along with the keys to delivering training programs that inspire and motivate professionals to engage in the developmental opportunities provided to them.

Procurement Demand Management

071: 5 Ways to Reduce Spend by Managing Demand

In today’s Art of Procurement, I share how the concept of demand management came to the front of my mind while out shopping for birthday presents for my son last weekend.

I then discuss five different ways in which procurement can help our organizations reduce their overall expenditure by managing demand rather than reducing supplier profit margins.

tealbook stephany lapierre

070: The Art and Science of Supplier Discovery, w/ Stephany Lapierre

Where do you go for supplier information if you are asked to lead a sourcing project for a product or service you are unfamiliar with?

Stephany Lapierre, my guest on today’s Art of Procurement show, is the expert in Supplier Discovery. First Stephany founded Matchbook, a consulting firm helping biotech firms identify and source hard to find suppliers to meet very specific needs. Following customer demand, she then built and launched tealbook, an online supplier knowledge management platform.

In today’s show, Stephany shares the 10 most effective ways in which to identify qualified suppliers for your next sourcing event or category strategy.

Temporary Labor

069: How Should Your Temporary Labor Strategy Evolve to Capitalize on the Future of Work? w/ Terri Gallagher

The makeup of the workforce is changing rapidly, with a shift to contingent and on-demand workers.  At the same time, the service industry and enabling technology that underpins the flow of contingent workers is undergoing a revolution.  So how can we make sense of all these moving parts, and enable our organizations take advantage of this new normal?

This is the topic of today’s show, with contingent workforce expert Terri Gallagher.  This is the third in a three part series that Terri and I have recorded on contingent labor and procurement, and definitely the most thought provoking!