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greg antoniono anthem

119: How Anthem Procurement Became a Trusted Advisor to their Marketing Stakeholders w/ Greg Antoniono

Today on the show, I am joined by Greg Antoniono. Greg is the Sourcing Director for Marketing at Anthem, one of the giants of the US Health Care industry

Over the course of the last eight years, Greg has taken his marketing procurement group on a journey from having very limited influence to being a key partner with a direct line to the Chief Marketing Officer.

In today’s show, Greg and I discuss the key steps and learnings that he, and Anthem, took on that journey.


This Week in Procurement: Rhetoric of “Business Partnerships”


Australian procurement consultancy firm The Faculty recently researched the latest perceptions that suppliers have when working with their clients procurement teams. I always find it interesting to hear the suppliers perspective – what can we do better to help them help us?

Of course, some of the comments from suppliers will be based on sour grapes! However, check out the list and see if there is anything that you can do to break down some of these barriers for your most important supplier partners.

Here is a comment from the article:

“One recurring comment was that talk of “Business Partnerships” does not always live up to the rhetoric. Procurement frequently uses language about partnerships. However, in a cost-constrained environment, every consideration but cost “goes out the window”, and the relationship falls back to a transactional nature”

Perception vs. Reality: What Your Suppliers Really Think of You | The Faculty

This Month in Procurement Jan17

This Month in Procurement: A Collaboration w/ Mark Perera of Old St Labs

January 2017 marks the first month of a new collaboration that I am very excited about.

I am co-hosting a new monthly show, imaginatively titled The Month in Procurement, with Mark Perera. Mark is the CEO and Founder of Old St Labs, the Founder of Procurement Leaders, and as I have got to know him, I see how passionate he is about levering innovation and technology to help businesses really harness the power of their supply networks.

The show is meant to be a conversation. We’ll be bringing in other people to join us every month to just chat about the issues of the day and their impact on procurement, and, frankly, anything that we have on our mind! I’ll be leaving the edit button at home, so what we say, is what you will hear!

Mark Webb Future Purchasing

118: The Differentiators of Category Management Leaders & Followers, w/ Mark Webb

My guest on today’s show is Mark Webb. Mark is the Managing Director of UK based procurement consultancy firm, Future Purchasing.

Future Purchasing undertakes what I think is the leading piece of industry research on the subject of Category Management. They just put the final touches on their 2017 Global Category Management Leadership Report, a research collaboration with Henley Business School.

What I wanted to do in my conversation with Mark is to pick apart some of the key findings, and understand what differentiates the leaders from followers in terms of their approach to category management, and the subsequent results that they enjoy.

TWiP WP 0114

This Week in Procurement: The “Massive Problem” at the Heart of Procurement


It isn’t often in the procurement space that we publicly debate key issues, and that is the key reason behind why I selected this week’s “must read” as a must read.

The article was written by ex-CPO and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) expert David Atkinson.  David’s article was in response to a piece in mid-December from Bertrand Maltaverne.  The debate in question is related to the challenges of SRM:

Original Article:

The Massive Problem at the Heart of SRM | Bertrand Maltaverne

David’s Response:

The “Massive Problem” at the Heart of SRM | David Atkinson

I encourage you to read both, and then jump into the comments below David’s article.  You will see a number of people from across the procurement spectrum that I really respect continue the conversation. It is debates like this that we need so that collectively we can help our organizations maximize the benefit derived from their supply market ecosystems!

Mark Trowbridge

117: How to Develop, Deploy and Retain a Team of Procurement Superheroes w/ Mark Trowbridge

Today’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Mark Trowbridge, the co-founder and Principal of Strategic Procurement Solutions, and the former Director of Sourcing and Contracts at Bank of America.

Mark is a published author, and a regular presenter at procurement and supply chain conferences. In fact, it was at the recent ISM Indirect conference in December that Mark and I met. As I got to know Mark I knew that I needed to invite him onto the show, and fortunately he accepted my invite without reservation.

The main topic of today’s conversation is the notion of procurement superheroes – what are their characteristics, how can procurement leaders best deploy, and retain them.


TWiP: Half of Bosses “Don’t Get Procurement”

Welcome to the first This Week in Procurement of 2017! Today's articles are not strictly from the last week, but include the last couple of weeks of 2016 - articles that I came across since the last TWiP was published in mid-December.  Ok, here goes...

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116: AOP in 2017, Engaging w/ Start Up’s & More

Welcome to 2017!  In this first show of the year, I share details of Art of Procurement’s publishing schedule in 2017, invite applications to a new AOP Circle of Experts, and share thoughts on facilitating innovation following a recent visit to a startup accelerator program.