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Rob Bernshteyn Coupa Value

083: The 10 Critical Steps to Delivering Value as a Service w/ Rob Bernshteyn

On today’s Art of Procurement, I welcome Coupa President and CEO Rob Bernshteyn to the show. In our discussion, Rob and I focus on the concept of value as a service, and the benefits of focusing on delivering outcomes rather than tasks.

I then question Rob on what procurement leaders can apply from the principles of value of a service as they look to build a more stakeholder orientated procurement delivery model and the capabilities that underpin it.


082: How to Embrace SMB’s to Access Supplier Driven Innovation w/ Tom Greco & Ed Edwards

As a Buyer, a key factor in my sourcing decisions was the size of the supplier. While it is arguably the greatest piece of marketing of all time, the perception that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” was often at the forefront of my mind.

I had a number of reasons for taking this approach. In today’s Art of Procurement, I explore the reality of working with small and medium sized businesses with Tom Greco and Ed Edwards of As we discuss my fears, Tom and Ed give their view on what were based on fact, and which were perception. They then provide guidance on how I could have mitigated the risks that are present to take advantage of the benefits that working with small and medium sized businesses provides.

Outsource Talks Jamie Liddell

081: Outsource Talks: The After Show Wrap! w/ Jamie Liddell

On Wednesday of this week, I joined host Jamie Liddell (Editor in Chief at Outsource Magazine) and fellow panelists Kate Vitasek (Vested) and Don Ryan (KPMG) on this month’s Outsource Talks Q&A webinar.

When Jamie approached me to be a panelist on Outsourcing Talks, I thought it would be fun if we continued the discussion on the Art of Procurement. So in today’s show, I turn the tables on Jamie and put him in the hot seat!

Christian Lanng Tradeshift Procurement Innovation

080: Disruptive Innovation & the Future of Procurement w/ Christian Lanng

As the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tradeshift, Christian Lanng is on the front lines of the technology evolution, and he gets to see first-hand the impact that innovative technology is having – and will have – on the enterprise.

In today’s Art of Procurement podcast, I sit down with Christian to understand what this will mean for procurement. If Christian’s vision materializes, it will mean a seismic shift is in store for our profession over the next 10 years.

London 2012

079: Going for Gold! The Role of Procurement in Delivering the Olympic Games w/ Gerry Walsh

Procurement plays a pivotal role in the delivery and execution of the Olympic Games.  However, it was not always like that.  The organizing committee of the 2012 London Olympic games took the decision to invest in strategic procurement like never before.  The result: the success of team created a legacy whereby the IOC has recognized that procurement must play a pivotal role in the delivery of all subsequent Games.

I am joined today by Gerry Walsh, the CPO of the London 2012 games.  We discuss his and his team’s Olympic journey, including the key challenges his team faced, how they overcame them, and the extraordinary lengths that they went to, to ensure that the Organizing Committee fulfilled their CSR commitments.

Stan Garber Scout RFP

078: How to Use Sales Best Practices to Extend your Sphere of Influence, w/ Stan Garber

As procurement professionals, we often see our peers across the negotiating table as adversaries. However, there is a lot that we can learn and apply from the art of Sales, particularly when it comes to influencing others.

This week’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Stan Garber, President of Scout RFP. Stan is a proven sales and business development leader, and I wanted to tap into that experience to focus on two specific use cases where procurement can lever Sales techniques to increase their sphere of influence.  First, we explore ways of selling the procurement value proposition internally, and then shift focus and consider how you can convince larger suppliers to provide “customer-of-choice” status when your level of spend alone may not merit such treatment.

Kendra Von Esh

077: A CIO’s Guide to the Rules of Engagement with IT, w/ Kendra Von Esh

In my experience, there are few stakeholder relationships that are as important, or as fractious, as those between procurement and IT – particularly when it comes to supporting strategic purchases.  How can we turn this relationship on its head, and become friends and not foes?

This was the topic of today’s conversation with Kendra Von Esh, ex-CIO of Veolia and current Executive Strategic Advisor for Coupa.  Kendra and I explore how the CIO is measured, why a CIO may bypass procurement, and what we can do about it.

procurement talent attraction

076: The Rules of (Procurement) Attraction, w/ Andrew Daley

As the skill sets that CPO’s require from their procurement professionals continues to evolve, the market for the most qualified talent is becoming more competitive than ever. Previously, the lure of a brand, or a small step up in responsibilities and salary was enough to attract the best and brightest.  As a candidate, you were told to be happy that someone – anyone – was willing to give you a pay check.

How things change.

In today’s show, Andrew Daley, co-founder of procurement recruitment firm Edbury Daley provides his insight on what the most effective firms are doing to attract the best procurement talent in the market.