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Kate Vitasek

091: Harness the Power of Sourcing Business Models w/ Kate Vitasek

It has been all hands on deck this week preparing for The Procurement Revolution. In the course of recording content, there was a piece that I just couldn’t wait for next week to publish.  So, I thought I would hand over the reins of the Art of Procurement Friday Show today to Kate Vitasek.

Kate is a faculty member in the University of Tennessee’s Graduate and Executive Education programs, and founder and lead researcher for the Vested business methodology. I asked Kate to provide her perspective on an area that she believes we need to think differently about to help us to continue to mature as a profession.

Listen in to hear Kate explain the concept of sourcing business models, and why different sourcing approaches are needed based on the nature of the relationship you are trying to build with the selected supplier.

contract management software

090: How to Select & Implement a Contract Management System to Get a Handle on Your Supplier Agreements w/ Samir Bodas

I have always found that most, if not all, procurement organizations recognize the need for a contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool – to have access to a repository of all supplier agreements, but also to help streamline the contracting process.

Despite this – and with the best of intentions – my experience is that very few companies have been successful in maximizing the potential benefits of such technology.

On today’s Art of Procurement, I am joined by Samir Bodas, the CEO of Icertis. Icertis is a cloud-based provider of CLM software. In our discussion, I wanted to focus on three different areas. First, I explored what CLM software actually is. Then, Samir shared his experiences on the keys to successfully implementing a CLM solution. Finally, we then talked about the future – and what impact Samir believes that AI and bots will have on the CLM technology.

The Procurement Revolution

089: Challenge the Status Quo and Join The Procurement Revolution!

The Procurement Revolution is less than two weeks away!  I am busily recording content from thought leaders around the world who have inspiring perspectives to share on how we need to challenge the status quo to survive and thrive in the new era of procurement.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn more about the event, the type of content that will be shared, and the channels we are using during the week spread the word and challenge the status quo!

ISM 30 Under 30

088: How 30 Under 30 Megawatt Winner Amy Georgi Balances a Successful Career with a Remote Work Arrangement

Much has been written about the fact that the Millennial Generation will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020.  How to attract and retain Millennial professionals is becoming an increasingly important challenge for procurement leaders as large numbers of baby boomers retire by the day.

In the first part of today’s episode, I connect with M.L. Peck (of the Institute for Supply Management – ISM) and Donna Cicale (of ThomasNet).  We talk about the challenge of attracting Millennials into the supply chain and procurement profession, and the 30 Under 30 program that ISM and ThomasNet developed to showcase talented and emerging leaders.

In the second part of the interview, I sit down with Amy Georgi, a Program Manager responsible for Procurement M&A at Fluke Electronics.  Amy is the current Megawatt Winner of the 30 Under 30 Program.  Firstly, Amy and I talk about procurement’s role in facilitating M&A in a manufacturing environment. We then transition into a key pillar of motivation and job satisfaction for Millennial professionals – the ability to have flexibility in their work locations.  From personal experience, this is something the solicits passionate perspectives that vary wildly!  In our conversation, Amy shares tips for procurement leaders faced with employees who want and value location independence, and for professionals on how to stay in touch with the home office when working remotely.

Next Generation Procurement

087: Next Generation Procurement (Part 2): Survive & Thrive in the New Era of Procurement

How can professionals best position themselves for success in the new era of procurement?  That is the question that I explore in the second of a two part series on the factors that look to change the shape of our profession.

In this episode, I explain the notion of a two-tier procurement profession, and the six different role types that I believe will be fundamental in ensuring that procurement remains relevant in times of significant change.

Treasury Procurement

086: How to Increase Your Value to the CFO by Focusing on Cash Management w/ Amber Christian

The CFO is often the most senior determinant of the strategic role that procurement gets to enjoy within an organization, and the ultimate arbiter of “procurement driven value”. In my experience, this is a key factor in the ongoing challenge of defining what procurement value really is.

Our perception is that the CFO cares about managing cost over all else. And while maintaining or improving margins will always be a key CFO priority, survey’s consistently suggest that cash management is the issue at the top of the CFO’s agenda.

In today’s Art of Procurement podcast, I welcome Amber Christian to the show. Amber is the Founder of ConsultAce, and focuses on helping Corporate Treasurers improve their management of cash and working capital. I invited Amber to the show to understand how procurement professionals and leaders can better support the Treasurer – as the overseer of cash – deliver value to the CFO over and above cost savings.

Future of Procurement

085: Next Generation Procurement (Part 1): Will Procurement Exist in 10 Years?

What will the future of procurement look like, and how as procurement professionals can we prepare for disruption that is heading our way?

In the first of a two part series, I explore the likelihood that procurement as a function will even exist in 10 years time – in response to a number of projections that I have recently heard about the future of our profession.

I then share my perspective on how I believe procurement will evolve, based on both my personal experiences and learnings to date from interviewing thought leaders on the Art of Procurement.

Bill Michels Category Management

084: How to Engage with Skeptical Stakeholders to Build Effective Category Strategies w/ Bill Michels

Arguably the most critical determinant of a successful category strategy is the ability of the Category Manager to influence their stakeholders.

In today’s Art of Procurement podcast, I welcome Bill Michels, the Founder and CEO of Aripart Consulting on to the show.  Prior to Aripart Consulting, Bill enjoyed a 23-year career leading ADR North America and ADR International which was acquired by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

In our conversation, I wanted to understand how procurement professionals can better influence stakeholders as we seek to build more effective category strategies that deliver value over and above cost savings.

Rob Bernshteyn Coupa Value

083: The 10 Critical Steps to Delivering Value as a Service w/ Rob Bernshteyn

On today’s Art of Procurement, I welcome Coupa President and CEO Rob Bernshteyn to the show. In our discussion, Rob and I focus on the concept of value as a service, and the benefits of focusing on delivering outcomes rather than tasks.

I then question Rob on what procurement leaders can apply from the principles of value of a service as they look to build a more stakeholder orientated procurement delivery model and the capabilities that underpin it.