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How to Negotiate with Liars

AOP Saturday Linkfest: How to Negotiate with Liars

Happy Saturday!

Well, what an end to the week.  Here at the Art of Procurement Towers, I am still trying to come to terms with even beginning to understand the impact of Brexit.  And a cursory glance at the rest of the media suggests I am not alone.  So, I’m going to wait for the dust to settle before wading into those shark infested waters!

So with that in mind, here are five non-Brexit articles that I appreciated this week:

The Procurement Revolution

065: Get Ready for The Procurement Revolution!

Let’s undermine the status quo. Stand Up. Speak Out. Drive Change.

Today on the Art of Procurement, I am excited to launch a new procurement event in conjunction with Buyers Meeting Point and Kelly Barner: The Procurement Revolution.

In today’s show, Kelly and I explain the philosophy behind The Procurement Revolution, what it is, and how you can get involved!


064: How to Execute a Successful E-Auction, w/ Alun Rafique and Anya McKenna

In my experience, e-auctions are often used and abused for the wrong reasons.  However, if you use them strategically, they can be a very powerful tool in your sourcing tool kit.

In today’s show, I explore the critical success factors that determine the successful of your next e-auction. Alun Rafique and Anya McKenna of Market Dojo explain the necessary steps you must take at all stages of an auction – from pre-event preparation to post-even communication.


063: Behind the Scenes – Advisory Board & More

It has been a couple of months since I opened up the curtains and shared with you some updates about the Art of Procurement.  However, I have a couple of announcements to make that I am really excited about, and I cover these in today’s Art of Procurement Friday show.

Business Acumen Procurement

062: The 10 Traits of Procurement Business Acumen, w/ Jim Barnes, ISM Services

Business acumen is an often cited skill needed to be successful in the “new” procurement.  But what exactly is it, and how does it apply to procurement?

This was the topic of conversation in today’s interview with Jim Barnes, the Managing Director of ISM Services.  Jim highlights 10 different traits that he sees – in his experience helping procurement leaders increase the capabilities of their teams – that collectively make up the concept of business acumen.  Jim also shares which he believes are the most important skills, and how leaders can begin to develop these capabilities in their teams.

Early Procurement Stakeholder Engagement

061: 5 Keys to Early Stakeholder Engagement

Today’s Friday Show is in response to a listener question: how can I get early engagement with my business stakeholders?

In this episode, I take a look back at my experiences as a practitioner, and consider the key elements that differentiated the projects where I was able to engage early and those where I was nothing more than a rubber stamp.

Greg Tennyson Procurement Teams

060: A CPO’s View on Building Effective Procurement Teams, w/ Greg Tennyson, CPO, VSP Global

We hear a lot about the changing procurement skill set, and the difficulty that CPO’s are experiencing in hiring the talent they require. However, what is the reality, and how can procurement leaders adapt? As a procurement professional, how can you stand out from the crowd? 

My guest today on the Art of Procurement is Greg Tennyson, the Chief Procurement Officer of VSP Global. Greg explains why the talent shortage isn’t as black and white as it may seem, and he shares what he looks for when hiring and promoting procurement talent.

Jordan Early Joanna Martinez Vizibl

059: An Introduction to Value Based Procurement, with Joanna Martinez and Jordan Early

This week’s Friday Show is a little different.  A recurring theme in my discussions with procurement thought leaders is the need to expand the value that we bring to being more than cost savings alone.  With that in mind, I started working with Joanna Martinez (former CPO and Founder of Supply Chain Advisors) and Jordan Early (Head of Research at Old Street Labs) on a series of shows dedicated to the concept of value based procurement.

Joanna, Jordan and I met earlier this week to start mapping out the series. I loved the points being raised so much that I asked Joanna and Jordan if I could hit the record button.  What follows is a short conversation on what value based procurement is, and why it is so important to our future.