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121: How to Reduce Your Wireless Spend Without Switching Suppliers, w/ Drew Polin

My guest today is Drew Polin.  Drew is the president of OpDecision, a company that helps organizations reduce their wireless spend, specifically without having to go through the upheaval of switching out their service providers.

Our conversation today is split into two parts.  First, we talk about gainsharing.  It’s a commercial model that I have been very skeptical about in the past, as I think it can incent the wrong behaviors, and can become a way for service providers to take advantage of less sophisticated buyers. OpDecision uses a gainsharing model, but with a twist. I think that if you are considering any time of gainsharing engagement, you should listen in to Drew’s lessons learned.

We then move into wireless, where Drew shares some of the tips and strategies that you can use to make an impact on your wireless spend here in 2017.

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“The reality today is that the market changes so quickly that even companies who renegotiated their deals six months ago will have opportunities to take advantage of new rate structures.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tips on how to structure gainsharing engagements so that they incentivize the right outcomes, and result in win-win deals.
  • The major areas of wireless spend, and how the category is evolving.
  • How wireless carriers make their money in 2017.
  • Top pain points for out of control wireless costs.
  • Why international wireless costs are set to plummet.
  • Supplier dynamics in the US wireless market and the impact that has on pricing.
  • Why you are leaving money on the table is you only review and agree wireless pricing as part of your contract negotiations.

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