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This Week in Procurement: What’s Next?

By August 25, 2017 January 4th, 2019 No Comments

This weeks “must read” is a post that I have felt has needed to be written for a long time.

We – and I am guilty of this too – focus so much of our energy on what procurement could do to improve. But how often do we reflect on where we have been, and the opportunities in front of us?

Gordon Donovan does just that. His piece inspires us to go beyond sourcing and use our positions to solve real business, social and environmental challenges.

What’s Next? | Gordon Donovan


The 7 Barriers to Optimal Performance | Alison Smith, The Purchasing Coach

Sourcing Beyond Price: Strategies to Find the Right Suppliers | Phil Bartolini, Ardent Partners

Blockchain is the Future of X (Insert Anything from Visa Applications to Real Estate) | Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters

Negotiation Skills? Going Once, Going Twice… Gone! | Procurious Blog

5 Steps to Create a Safety Zone for Effective Teams | Jon Washington, The Innovation Garage

Fleet: Key Considerations | Jonathan Groda, Source One Management Services



Podcast: 149: The Mindset Shifts Needed to Become a Successful Independent Procurement Consultant w/ Anthony English

I also guest posted on a couple of sites this week.  Check them out here:

Talking with Woz on Innovation, Change & Branding | Posted on the Coupa Blog

Using Future Procurement Trends to your Advantage | Posted on Procurement Leaders



“Should CEOs Get Political?” Too late. | Sara Walsh Evans, The Respectory

Have a great weekend

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