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This Week in Procurement: Transforming Stakeholders into Advocates

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When you reflect on your business stakeholders, how many of them are really advocates?  In my experience, advocates become the social proof that we need to spread the good word of value-driven procurement.  But, how do we turn stakeholders into advocates?

That is the question considered by Chris Crane, a co-founder of Scout RFP, in this week’s “must read”.  One of his points – give stakeholders the gift of knowledge – is one that I have found to be particularly effective.

Consider how you can access the insights that you need to bring knowledge to your stakeholder that goes above and beyond their understanding of a particular supply market.  Doing that consistently will ensure stakeholder always answers your call!

5 Ways Procurement Can Transform Stakeholders into Advocates | Chris Crane, Scout RFP


Four Tips for Successful Outsourcing | Philip Ideson, Palambridge / Art of Procurement

(this is an article published this week in Procurement Leaders based off a recent interview that I gave to Miranda Whitehouse of Sourcing Solved.  I’ll share part two next week!)

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I don’t mention this enough, but we are always interested in publishing practitioner-focused guest posts on the Art of Procurement. If you have a story to tell, or experience to share, let us know!


If you are new to procurement (or have team members who are new to the profession), I found a great resource this week that I wanted to share – a glossary of procurement terms.  You can find it here:

Procurement Jargon Buster | Ingrid De Doncker, iDDea


I’ll leave with a final comment (rant?) for the week.  If I see one more purchasing vs. procurement article…. PLEASE, procurement article writers… no more!!

Have a great weekend