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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Supplier Engagement: The Advent Calendar Challenge 2018!

By November 17, 2017February 23rd, 2020No Comments

Somehow, December is one again almost upon us.  And with December comes the 2nd Annual (no pressure, Chris…) Supplier Engagement Advent Calendar Challenge.

Regular readers may recall that I featured Chris’ Advent Calendar Challenge last year, and I love the idea so much I wanted to do the same again in 2018.  I won’t give away everything (you’ll have to read the article for that), but it just serves as a fun way to drive engagement and trust with your suppliers as the year draws to a close.  Check it out in this week’s Must Read:

Supplier Engagement: The Advent Calendar Challenge 2018! | Chris Cliffe, CJC Procurement Ltd


The Amazon Effect: Competition for Procurement Talent | Nick Lazzara and Naseem Malik, MRA Global Sourcing

How to Save 6,500 Hours a Year by Automating Contracts | Edward Taylor, Synergist.io

What Would You Do? Social Responsibility Factors In Choosing Offshore Suppliers | Nora Neibergall, Institute for Supply Management

Oliver Williamson: Not Examining All Costs Can Really Cost You | Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee

Are Investments in Procurement Startups a Sign of Industry Potential? | Pierre Lapree, Per Angusta


Podcast: 160: The Success of Sourcing Business Models at GuideWell w/ Tim Cronin


What Running 25 Half-Marathons in a Year Taught Me | Hem Suri, ClearVision Equity Partners


PS – there will be no This Week in Procurement next week.  We’ll be refreshing over the US Thanksgiving break and will be back on December 1st.

Have a great weekend!


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