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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Rhetoric of “Business Partnerships”

By January 20, 2017February 23rd, 2020No Comments


Australian procurement consultancy firm The Faculty recently researched the latest perceptions that suppliers have when working with their clients procurement teams. I always find it interesting to hear the suppliers perspective – what can we do better to help them help us?

Of course, some of the comments from suppliers will be based on sour grapes! However, check out the list and see if there is anything that you can do to break down some of these barriers for your most important supplier partners.

Here is a comment from the article:

“One recurring comment was that talk of “Business Partnerships” does not always live up to the rhetoric. Procurement frequently uses language about partnerships. However, in a cost-constrained environment, every consideration but cost “goes out the window”, and the relationship falls back to a transactional nature”

Perception vs. Reality: What Your Suppliers Really Think of You | The Faculty


Risk Management appears at the forefront of procurement writers minds this week (I wonder why…), and so I came across three different risk related articles that I wanted to share:

Top 5 Global Risks in 2017: Which Ones Procurement Should Watch – and Start Tackling | Taras Berezowsky, Spend Matters (Note: the chart in this article is a must view!)

How Third-Party Risk is Threatening the Stability of Global Supply Chains | Robert Bowman, SupplyChainBrain

The New Anti-Trade Movement and Your Supply Chain – Risk or Opportunity? | Bill Michels, Aripart Consulting

There are two interesting multi-part series that I wanted to share this week.  The first just wrapped up, and the second is just getting underway:

Procurement’s Technological Insanity | Bertrand Maltaverne, POOL4TOOL

Stakeholders in Procurement Negotiations | Allison Ford-Langstaff, Future Purchasing (the first in a multi-part series on negotiations)


Art of Procurement alumni Christian Lanng and his team at Tradeshift have decamped to Davos and the World Economic Forum this week, where they are hosting a number of interviews and thought leadership discussions at the Tradeshift Sanctuary.  Christian shared some thoughts on “peak globalization”, a key theme at Davos, in a blog post this week:

Responsible Leadership at Davos: Commerce for All | Christian Lanng, Founder/CEO, Tradeshift


Future Purchasing Managing Director Mark Webb shares the findings of a recent Category Management Leadership Survey undertaken by his team: 

Podcast: The Differentiators of Category Management Leaders and Followers, w/ Mark Webb

I was thrilled this week to launch a new collaboration with Mark Perera, the CEO and Founder of Old St Labs, called This Month in Procurement (I know, catchy title!). Mark and I will sit down once a month in a conversation style podcast to discuss the issues of the day and how we think they may impact procurement, along with whatever else is on our minds!  We’ll also be brining in leaders from around in and around procurement to join us in the hot seat.

Our first episode went live on Thursday – check it out here, and let us know what you think:

Podcast: This Month in Procurement, January 2017: Trump, Procurement M&A and much, much, more.

BTW – shameless plug – to subscribe in iTunes and have each episode automatically downloaded to your smartphone, click here.


I have been thinking a lot recently about the organization of the future, and the impact that the democratization of expertise, technology and information will have on both what we buy, and how we buy.  Of particular interest is the rise of the Platform Economy, and how the leaders of tomorrow are becoming more and more reliant on strategic partnerships with external suppliers.

With that in mind, this article came across my browser from Bain & Company sharing their views on the firm of the future.  Take some time to explore this piece and reflect on the impact to your industry, company and the what and how you buy:

The Firm of the Future | James Allen, James Root and Andrew Schwedel

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