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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Procurement Pick ‘n’ Mix

By March 24, 2017February 23rd, 2020No Comments

My first real job was working in my local Woolworths store in England, where the biggest seller was the pick ‘n’ mix sweets. The choice was almost limitless – from cola bottles to flying saucers and everything in between.

Why is that relevant, I hear you ask? Well, as I reflected on the articles I have been reading this week it took me back to those pick ‘n’ mix days. I came across a lot of articles that I wanted to share – but I couldn’t make up my mind on what to select as the “must read”.

So, what I thought I would do this week is share the articles, and let you decide the must read. Take your pick…!


Strategic Negotiations in Indirect Procurement | John Viner-Smith, Mercer

How to make chatbots a massive chance for Procurement? | Bertrand Maltaverne, POOL4TOOL

Insights from the SEIC Diagnostic | David Rae, Procurement Leaders

Benchmarks and Beyond Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | David Hearn, CPO Advisement Services

Negotiation, Trump-Style – The Winner Takes It All | Elliot Epstein, Salient Communications

The impact of Brexit and Trump on salaries and bonuses | Edbury Daley – (I don’t typically include articles that require an email address to view, however I have always found the quarterly report on the State of the UK Procurement Job Market to be worthwhile reading… if you are in the UK of course!)

Supply Chains And Adjusting To Trump: Think Local And Global | Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee

Scouting and Retaining Young Supply Chain Talent: A (Millennial) Recruiter’s Experience | Leandra Taylor, Spend Matters

The traditional outsourcing model is officially out of value, but the future is bright for co-innovation partnerships | Phil Fersht, Horses for Sources

Investing in disaster resilience now ‘mission critical’ for business | Adela Suliman and Sophie Hares, Reuters

Thinking Outside The Box | Margaret Gilbert, Contract Matters

Hackett Group Research Points to Significant Talent and Strategy Gaps in Procurement | Patrick Burnson, SCMR


ISO 20400: What You Need to Know About the New Sustainable Procurement Standard | Edmund Zagorin, Electronic Auction Services Inc

White House prepares sweeping review of trade deals | Josh Dawsey and Megan Cassella, Politico


Blog: What’s the Story…(Procurement) by Gordon Donovan

Podcast: How the State of California Embeds Sustainability into its Procurement of Goods and Services, w/ Jim Butler

Blog: The Increasing Gap Between Business Strategy and Procurement Results by Philip Ideson

Until next time…

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