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This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Procurement: Your Job is to Make Other People Successful

By November 10, 2017July 21st, 2023No Comments

This week, I have combined two weeks into one edition of This Week in Procurement.  For the first time last week, I didn’t come across enough good content that I wanted to share! Is that indicative of the fact that a lot of the content out there is too bland, or not that insightful?  It is getting harder to find those needles in the haystack.  I’d love to hear your perspective…

That being said, as soon as I read this week’s “Must Read”, I knew it would be the “Must Read”.  Written by David Atkinson of Four Pillars Consulting, it goes straight to the heart of something I am very passionate about.  “Why” do we even exist, and what is our purpose?

If you do nothing else this week, please read David’s post, and add in your thoughts to the comments:

Procurement: Your Job is to Make Other People Successful | David Atkinson, Four Pillars Consulting


Procurement in the Future: Humans Need Not Apply | Ben Shute, Purchasing Index Australia

Category Management – Critical Success Factors | Alison Smith, The Purchasing Coach

Learning to #Negotiate on the Road | Claudia Roth, Unblandeur Ltd.

Fintech is Much More than Payments and Blockchain | Magnus Lind, Skanor Group

The Cost of a Contract | Tim Cummins, IACCM



BMP Radio: October 2017 ISM-New York Report on Business | Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point

NEWS: Buyers Meeting Point (BMP) Radio Joins the Art of Procurement Network | Philip Ideson, Palambridge

LevaData Launches Leva, “World’s First” AI Advisor for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement | James Henderson, Supply Chain Digital


Podcast: 158: Scaling the Power of Freelancers and Independent Contractors w/ Gene Zaino

Podcast: 159: Staging a Supply Chain Intervention w/ Christian Lanng


Have a great weekend!

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