This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: A New Vision For Procurement

Written by Philip Ideson


Welcome to another week of procurement articles!

For my “must read” this week, I wanted to share an article from Joe Payne of Source One Management Services. I found myself nodding to myself all the way through!

Joe considers what is next for procurement, when, as he writes, what happens when “technology will already know what the stakeholders want and need – and the most efficient way to get it”.

A New Vision For Procurement | Joe Payne, Source One Management Services


Why Simple Wins | Greg Tennyson, VSP Global

How to prepare for your digital sourcing transformation | Ben de Groot, Bonfire

Are We About to Enter the Age of Permissive Analytics? | Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation

A road map for digitizing source-to-pay | Kalit Jain and Ed Woodcock, McKinsey & Company

Onshoring: the new Cost-Cutting Tool in Management’s Arsenal | Ross Kelly, Chief Executive

Blind To Risk: Supply Chain Underestimates The Threat Of War | Kevin O’Marah, Forbes

Why even the Beeb needs sourcing standards | Phil Fersht, Horses for Sources

IBM CPO: You’re Finished If You Think You’ve Finished! | Procurious

Break out of procurement silos to get real insight into spend | Tara Ryan, Diginomica

How Automatable are Procurement and Supply Chain Jobs? | Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters

5 Concerns for Chief Procurement Officers | Bill Michels, Aripart Consulting


Ivalua Raises $70M from KKR | Business Wire


Podcast: Building a Procurement Function from the Ground Up, w/ Dave Quillin


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