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This Week in Procurement: The “Massive Problem” at the Heart of Procurement

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It isn’t often in the procurement space that we publicly debate key issues, and that is the key reason behind why I selected this week’s “must read” as a must read.

The article was written by ex-CPO and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) expert David Atkinson.  David’s article was in response to a piece in mid-December from Bertrand Maltaverne.  The debate in question is related to the challenges of SRM:

Original Article:

The Massive Problem at the Heart of SRM | Bertrand Maltaverne

David’s Response:

The “Massive Problem” at the Heart of SRM | David Atkinson

I encourage you to read both, and then jump into the comments below David’s article.  You will see a number of people from across the procurement spectrum that I really respect continue the conversation. It is debates like this that we need so that collectively we can help our organizations maximize the benefit derived from their supply market ecosystems!


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I was invited earlier this week to participate in a survey to support a piece of research that it being undertaken by Kim Whitehead, an Assistant Professor at Anderson University.

The survey is on a topic that I am passionate about – studying correlations between new product development and supplier relationships.

If this is a topic that interests you, check out the survey, here.

(note, I have no connection with this, or Kim… I am just interested in the topic and it would be great for Kim to receive as many responses as possible).

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