This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: How H&R Block Elevated the Role of Procurement

Written by Philip Ideson
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In mid-2013, H&R Block hired finance expert Todd Dooley to support their CFO’s vision on how to rethink how the firm approached expense management.

Todd writes, in this article, how we changed the hearts and minds of his peers from “I’d don’t know why we hired you” to “I’m glad you’re here” by following five key rules.

I always find that real-world case studies provide some of the best learning opportunities – 5 Tips for Procurement to Bring Value to the C-Suite is this week’s must read.



Evolution or Devolution: The Rise of Financial Supply Chain Management | Gerard Chick, Director of Intelligence, Skanor Group

Procurement People: Live Long and Prosper! | Bertrand Maltaverne, POOL4TOOL

How CIO’s Can Generate Value | Brian Thomas, CIO, Swope Health Services (continuing on the theme of understanding your stakeholder)

Unearthing the Hidden Treasure of Procurement | David Schannon, Sam Thakarar, Klaus Neuhaus, Raymond Tsang – all are Partners at Bain & Company (this is a good article to share if you are building a business case for investment in procurement)

‘Value Driven’ Leaders Delivery High Output  | Magnus Lind, CEO, Skanor Group

How to Hire Your Employer | Clay Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School



BravoConnect Dispatch: Exploring the Four Pillars of BravoSolution’s Strategy | Jason Busch, Spend Matters



“We started to build a program around key individuals. We started calling them platinum stakeholders. It’s really about trying to prioritize and focus the resources on where we can have the most impact”

– Tim Jones, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Google (from Learn How Google’s Strategic Sourcing Team Became a Trusted Advisor)



098: Key Learnings from a Procurement Source to Pay Technology Transformation, w/ Scott Deibert (SVP Procurement) and Bart Baetens (Director, E-Procurement), Carlson Rezidor.

Make an Impact that Matters – Key Takeaways from The Procurement Revolution

ICYMI – all content from The Procurement Revolution was released this week as series of podcasts.  Just search your favorite podcast app, or click here, for more information.


Did you know that American’s throw away $61.8M in coins into the trash every year? Check out this article in Bloomberg that shares what one company is trying to do about that.

Finally this week, a long read from The Guardian in the UK – Stick Ticking: The Improbable Survival of the Luxury Watch Business. The story tells the tale of an industry that continues to not only survive but thrive in the face of disruptions which could have led to its downfall.


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