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This Week in Procurement: How to Get to 100% Value Creation

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I believe that the key to the future of procurement lies in our ability to expand our value proposition.  But how do we get to a place where we are creating value at every turn?

In this week’s “Must Read”, Gary Noble of 1st Executive explores this topic.  There are two nuggets that Gary shared that are the reason I picked this article as the “Must Read”, and they are both reflective. 1) Do you know which activities your team performs that create the most value? and 2) Is this the sole focus of your team? If not, what can you do about it?  Read more:

How to Get to 100% Value Creation | Gary Noble, 1st Executive


Shake Up Your Talent Acquisition – Kill the Rate Card to Improve ROI | Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee

I was honored to be quoted by Kate in this article, and I subsequently wrote a follow up piece on  AOP:

Radical Changes in Talent Sourcing | Philip Ideson, Palambridge / Art of Procurement

Economies of Scale – A Procurement Myth? (Part 1, Part 2) | Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK

Supplier Collaboration: Ex-Diageo CPO Speaks Up | Jordan Early, Vizibl

Why “Obvious” Must Be Up For Debate | Gerard Chick


Facebook AI Research Team Shuts Down Negotiating Robots | Procurious HQ


Podcast: 147 – The Role of Supplier Intelligence in Increasing Procurement’s Impact w/ Greg Tennyson (CPO, VSP) and Stephany Lapierre (CEO, tealbook)