This Week in Procurement

This Week in Procurement: Detecting Fake News & Baloney During Procurement Research

Written by Philip Ideson

As a practitioner, I really struggled to access what I would consider to be actionable or informative insights to help inform my sourcing and category strategies.

The companies that I worked for rarely invested in supply market information, and so I was left to dig deep to find the information that I thought would be helpful. But how did I know if a source was reputable or not? Most often, I didn’t.

This weeks “Must Read” addresses this challenge head on.

Jeanette Jones, a supply market intelligence expert, shares a handy checklist that you can use when determining if the sources of information you are using are trust worthy or not, along with a number of red flags to be aware of.

Detecting Fake News and Baloney During Procurement Research | Jeanette Jones, Cottrill Research


Supplier Collaboration Roundtable – My 5 Takeaways | Mark Perera, Old St Labs (Vizibl)

No, Robots Will Not Run Procurement by 2020 | Jason Busch, Spend Matters

Innovation is as Much About Finding Partners as Building Products | Michael Uhl & Chandra Gnanasambandam, Harvard Business Review

Long Tail Spend 101: New School Approaches | Magnus Ekman, Tradeshift

Different Country, Same Procurement Culture? | Procurious Blog ft. Kim Brown, Dell

Sustainable Procurement Requires Perseverance | Corey Searcy, MIT Sloan Management Review

Do You Have Too Many Suppliers? | Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation


Survey: Finance Says Procurement Savings Do Not Reach the Bottom Line | Rich Weissman, Supply Chain Dive


Podcast: 145: Negotiate Win-Win Deals with Supplier Specific Sourcing Intelligence (3SI) w/ Michael Shaw

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Philip Ideson

Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating competitive advantage for their organizations in ways that go beyond the traditional value proposition.

Philip founded Art of Procurement as a way for the procurement community to learn from each other, increasing the impact they have on their organizations. In 2017, he co-founded Palambridge, a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence. Palambridge provides a broad range of flexible procurement solutions, available on-demand.

Prior to Art of Procurement and Palambridge, Philip enjoyed a career that spanned the procurement value chain, working across three continents for organizations such as Accenture, Procurian, Ally Financial, Pfizer and Ford Motor Company.