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This Week in Procurement: Why is this so cheap?

Written by Philip Ideson


After a week’s hiatus due to the Easter weekend, This Week in Procurement is back. And I have two weeks worth of articles to fit into today’s edition…

This week’s must read asks a question that I think we should all ask when evaluating supplier responses in search of the cheapest solution: why is this so cheap?

The article provides an example from the fashion industry. However, I can speak from personal experience earlier in my career when I wasn’t too concerned why I was given a low price from a supplier, I was just happy to take the savings to the bank. Yet I never asked the question… is this price low because of a source of competitive advantage that the supplier has, or is it because they are cutting corners?

Why is this so cheap: what stands behind low prices | Originally by Carol Chan, Karma Athletics, via Robert Freeman, Future Procurement


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It has been a month since Kelly Barner and I launched Palambridge, and we have been thrilled with the response so far – both from prospects and professionals interested in joining the Palambridge Circle of Experts.

The second in a two part series on the launch of Palambridge by Spend Matters UK / Europe was published this week. You can check it out here:

More on Palambridge – A New Model For Procurement Consulting | Peter Smith, Spend Matters

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Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating competitive advantage for their organizations in ways that go beyond the traditional value proposition.

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