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This Week in Procurement: Reputation Risk: When Disaster Strikes?

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I set off this week on a 20,000-mile journey – which will include 10 of the world’s best and worst airports – delivering a supply chain risk learning and development program that I developed with one of my clients. For that reason, the BA story this week (see this article from SpendMatters: British Airways Shambles – Are Outsourcing, Offshoring or Cost-Cutting To Blame?) has been at the front of my mind!

It is just a week since BA grounded all flights due, and the blame game has begun in earnest. Was it the power company? Was it the IT outsourcing supplier? It appears that nobody really knows. But what is clear, is that the reputational damage has already been done – and that is the topic of today’s “Must Read”.

British Airways brand reputation nosedives in wake of IT meltdown

I share this because we often think of supply chain risks in terms of the financial or operational impact – but rarely their reputational impact. As a result, mitigation and business continuity plans often focus only on those products or services that would have the biggest financial impact if they were to become unavailable. As I share in the learning and development program I am delivering, reputational risk is often overlooked, but can be devastating.

On this theme, I came across a really insightful article on how to mitigate supply chain disruptions. It is a few weeks old, but I felt I had to share it!

When disaster strikes: A procurement toolkit to mitigate supply chain disruptions


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